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23 February 1990
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Fannish ramblings, haphazard musings, wandering commentaries, and fandom fic recs lie inside. Enter at your own risk. This journal is subject to the whims of its owner, and though it tries to stay on course, deviations might occur. Be forewarned.
Most of the personal and less fandom related entries will be f-locked on this journal. Most, if not all, of the fic recs and reviews/commentaries will all be open to anyone. It's just easier to keep things fringing on the personal side more private, and it prevents the casual surfer from having to wade through it all.

Feel free to friend me, however. I don't bite. I promise. : )
Any Memorable Entries I have are linked below.
Tags are also linked below. Use these to surf for recs for a particular fandom more easily.
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Any icons I have borrowed from other users can be found credited in the comments portion on my icons page. If you wish to be credited on my profile, and I haven't, just let me know. : )

Social capital

  • less than 10